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Contact Lens Fitting

Welcome to the terrific world of contact lenses! We specialize in contact lenses and pride ourselves in fitting a vast array of contact lenses. These include disposable, gas permeable, hybrid, single usage, multi-focal, astigmatism-correcting, and other specialty contact lenses in the latest and healthiest materials available.

Regarding contact lens fees, our Contact Lens Fee Schedule is based on a variety of factors. These include the expected amount of time and services required to determine a particular prescription, the exact lens type, and the number of Evaluation visits deemed necessary to ensure excellent eye health and the best clarity possible with the use of this medical device.

Current Contact Lens Wearers

If you are a current contact lens wearer and we are determining a new contact lens prescription without changing type or brand of lens, the lower fee for a Contact Lens Refit is appropriate. This fee is applicable if you come in wearing your contact lenses and we know the original parameters from our records, or can obtain the information from the doctor who originally fit the lenses. This is required on an annual basis for contact lens prescriptions to remain current, and to allow replacement lenses to be ordered as needed. Please be aware that if we change contact lens types or brands, or order fitting lenses, a Contact Lens Fitting Fee will apply. This may also include an Evaluation Fee if additional visits are expected to complete the service and finalize the contact lens prescription.

New Contact Lens Wearers

If you are a first time contact lens wearer, you will initially need a Contact Lens Fitting. This involves taking measurements of the front surface of the eye, placing a trial lens on the eye to assess lens fit, checking the proper power over the trial lens and determining a contact lens prescription. If a specialty lens such as a toric, multifocal or monovision style lens is required, this is a more complicated fitting and will likely involve additional visits, so a Specialty Fitting Fee will be charged.

Evaluation visits are necessary to address any problems, determine an appropriate wearing schedule, and ensure excellent eye health throughout the wearing period with your contact lenses. This fee will be determined by the estimated number of visits necessary, and this will vary depending on the lens type and wearing schedule. For example, extended wear patients have a greater possibility of eye infections, abrasions and corneal edema. Therefore, we have a greater number of Evaluation visits over a longer period which will require a higher fee.

We truly appreciate your selection of our office to provide your contact lens care, and we strive to provide the best and most professional services available for every age from pediatric eye exams near you to the latest diagnosis technology for age-related conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or comments, and we hope your contact lens experience is both pleasant and highly successful!