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Roblie V.

I like this place! I was very skeptical when I changed insurance from Kaiser. I felt that I wouldn’t get the same type of service because my former doctor was also a Cal grad. Dr. Yang was really cool though (I hope I got his name right lol). He was very informative and helped me get back to wearing colored contact lens. I used to use Acuvue 2 Colours but they go discontinued. I thought I didn’t have any more options because my base curve was so low (8.3). Dr. Yang explained that some people can use higher base curves without experiencing any problems. He then recommended using Air Optix because I also said that I wanted lenses that were more breathable. Overall, I had a good experience but there were some hiccups, so I docked one star. After my exam, I tried on some colored contacts and picked which color I liked. Then I was told that I was set and was good to go. I left and then after talking to my boyfriend about the experience (he had an exam a week before), I realized that I didn’t complete my exam. There was a color and field of vision test. I was scheduled for a follow up appointment so I called and let them know that I didn’t complete my tests. They told me to come in a little early for my appointment and they’ll finish it up. I came back for my appointment 10 minutes early and they finished up the tests before my appointment time. Waited for the doc 15 mins and then finished up the follow up exam. Dr said my contacts should be ready. When I went to the counter, the receptionist said I had to wait 3-5 days for my contacts to come in. I thought I already picked them out? I was starving so I just said ok and left.

- Roblie V.